Metal Easter Egg 4

J'ai récupéré ca je ne sais plus ou sur l'Internet. Je me suis dit que ca devrait plaire à certaines personnes. Une petite liste de différents easter eggs qu'on trouve dans Metal Gear Solid 4 sur Playstation 3.

Certains sont très amusant à voir.

- Stress goes down faster if you sit in the box.

- If you call Rose on the codec and shake your Sixaxis, her boobs will jiggle.

- If you flick the remote for the screen Campbell talks to you on with the Mk II you get pictures of girls in their underwear. (I don’t understand this one, but it sounds exciting! Apparently it only works in Act 1. If you can figure it out, post the solution.)

- During a cut-scene, you can shake your controller to return snake to his regular camo.

- In the Vista mansion there’s two posters of Akina Minami, when snake views these in first person he will call out the models name and his psyche gauge will go up.

- In the Shadow Moses when at Otacon’s office he asks you for the code… just input 14893 you’ll hear a familiar sound after hitting enter, and itl gives you 100,000 DP points.

- When you in the basement lab at Shadow Moses you can use MG Mk 2 to reactivate the electric floor and destroy the Gekko.

- Also, if you move the MG Mk. II around during the briefings, you can usually find items, ammo, and iPod music on the Nomad. You can even find batteries so your Solid Eye or MG Mk II lasts longer. There’s a PS3 on the table upstairs.

- When you are fighting the Beauties (The BB squad after they’ve come out of their suits), if you wait around long enough, you’ll get whisked off to an area of pure white. Point the camera at said Beauty and she’ll pose for you. Playing “Oiishi Two-han Seikatsu” during a white world boss fight makes them dance, and pulling out the camera during a white world boss fight makes them strike a pose.

- There are ghosts in Shadow Moses, only way to see them is using the camera you find on board the Nomad and you must have the Sorrow doll equipped… there are 30.

- In MGS2, if you codec Snake as Raiden with a ration equipped, he says that he admittedly finds it better than Roses cooking. So if you call Rosemary with a ration equipped in MGS4 see that the Colonel couldn’t agree more with Raiden.

- If you play the game on a Wednesday or Saturday (depending on the time the Ps3 is set to) Drebin’s prices will be cheaper.

- In act 3 there is a sewer you can crawl into and when you go down into it, it looks like a kids room and on the walls it has all the covers from previous MGS. It has a bean bag chair and tv where you can play the original mgs on the NES. Plus there is a big Narc machine to refuel your health. (Sounds like total BS to me, but hey… anything’s possible!)

- Whenever Snake is smoking there is always a no smoking sign behind him.

- At the start of the game when the adverts are on, you can press X to change through different channels like on TV. There’s a great one where David Hayter is being interviewed wearing a Solid Eye.

- When you’re looking for Naomi there is a boulder.
It is not as tall as snake, about 3-4 times his width and behind it is one that is taller than snake and about 10m wide. Using night vision it reads:SOUTHEND 29-W5574. I have no clue what it means.

- You can raise the MKII’s little head with both the d-pad up and down, and the Sixaxis tilt forward and tilt back.

- If the fight against Laughing Octopus, once she is out of her armour, if you lie face up on the bed in the complex, she will climb on the bed and saddle you. (Confirmed!)

- In act 2, when you’re tracking Naomi, there’s a plate with the production team’s hand prints on the ground. Lay on this plate and the octocamo will blend to match, covering you in hand prints. This is the only place in the game to get this specific camo, so register it if you want to keep it.

- If you return to the crashed Hind chopper after the Crying Wolf fight, you’ll hear an audio flashback of Liquid Snake being shot down, and you’ll receive (I think) 1,200 DP.\

- Otacon’s piss stain is still there in his lab. Look with your NV.

- When you first start the game the TV channels are 15, 16, 23, 42… the number from the show LOST.

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