Le plaisir de la masturbation vocale/Hideaki Anno est un sage homme

Excerpt from Interview between Ogata Megumi (Shinji in Eva) and Nakata Atsuhiko (Oriental Radio) from Continue Vol. 46.

Nakata: That reminds me, in the old movie version there was a scene where Shinji was masturbating. How was that recorded?

Ogata: Hahaha. It’s obvious but that was my first time doing something like that (laughs). I thought to myself that I can’t get this wrong just because I’m female! So I talked to Tachiki Fumihiko who voices Gendou and said “Dad, this is my first time, I’m not sure if I will be able to do this right. So if I got it wrong, please tell me” (in Shinji voice)

Nakata: Hahaha!

Ogata: After recording ended, we went “How did I do, dad?” “You did well, Shinji” “Yes! I got praised by my dad!”

About the recording for Eva 2.0

Ogata: It was quite difficult. The recording for Eva 2.0 was split up and done over a period of a few days, and the recording on the last day had me basically shouting for the entire time.

Nakata: That much!?

Ogata: In the end I just couldn’t stay standing anymore and collapsed on the studio floor, and while I was sitting on the ground, Director Anno came in and sat on the studio floor with me. While sitting, he said “Thank you very much” and I replied “Thank you, too” and we shook hands (laughs). This was the first time I got praised by Anno.

Nakata: That was the first time!

Ogata: And then he said two things to me which made me really happy. The first was “Thank you, for keeping the character’s feelings unchanged even after 13 years”

Everyone: Ohhh!

Ogata: And second was “On top of that, thank you, for adding 13 years of your own experience to the current Shinji”

Everyone: Ohhhhhh!



En ce moment j'écoute beaucoup beaucoup ...

... le dernier album d'Archimède.
Je suis super pas fan de rock pop française. On peut même dire que je n'aime pas DU TOUT le rock français.

Je connaissais pas du tout Archimède avant de voir un clip passer sur je sais plus quelle chaîne. Le single "L'été revient" a fait plop.

J'ai acheté l'album sur iTunes.

Et finalement j'aime plutôt pas mal.

Je vais pas entrer dans les détails avec une analyse/critique chiante que personne lira.

Mais en quelques mots, Archimède c'est Oasis en français. Vraiment hein. Le chanteur a le même timbre de voix et tout et on sent bien l'influence britpop du groupe.

Ça s'écoute très bien en cette période estivale.